International Council on English Braille (ICEB),
General Note on Interpretation of Working Committee Archives

Archives of various ICEB working committee deliberations prior to August 12, 2002 are collected on this site for the benefit of researchers who wish to study the associated project in detail, e.g. to learn how and why decisions were made.

Archives for all ICEB lists since August 12, 2002 are maintained in association with those lists at

For projects still in progress, such researchers are also encouraged to become observers on the associated e-mail list servers, where applicable.

In interpreting the archives and the live message traffic, please understand that the people who participate in these deliberations generally see themselves as sending informal messages to colleagues within a larger context that is well understood to the other participants, and not as "publishing" anything. For example, a proposal or opinion as expressed in a given message could very well be formative, or for the purpose of making sure that all avenues are covered, and so could be very misleading if considered apart from the larger context.

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