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International Council on English Braille

Resolutions from
Fifth General Assembly
Johannesburg, South Africa
6-10 May 2012

1. World Braille Council

Whereas the World Blind Union (WBU) has established a World Braille Council as a focal point for the continued development of braille; and

Whereas ICEB has confirmed its support for the development of a global body, as expressed in Article 3.6 of the ICEB constitution, capable of raising the profile of braille throughout the world,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:

2. Daisy Consortium

Whereas the DAISY Consortium continues to lead developments in accessible publishing for all; and

Whereas the DAISY Consortium engages in developing reading solutions for all,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:

3. UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Whereas the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ("the Convention") is part of International Law; and

Whereas the World Blind Union (WBU) has published a Toolkit to help its members to use the Convention in their advocacy on behalf of people who are blind; and

Whereas the Convention specifically recognizes "braille" under "communications" in Articles 9, 21 and 24,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:

4. Promotion of Braille

Whereas ICEB has received evidence at this Assembly confirming widespread research showing the immense benefits of braille to blind people in the areas of literacy, independence, education, employment and life enrichment; and

Whereas other evidence shows a decline in the teaching and use of braille; and

Whereas even though braille is more available than ever, there is a clear need for the promotion of braille,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:??

5. Outreach

Whereas ICEB???s major body of work to codify UEB is complete and is transitioning into ongoing code maintenance; and

Whereas a focus by ICEB on the promulgation of UEB in developing countries presents a unique opportunity to promote the benefits of braille for education, employment and daily life; and

Whereas the WBU and the International Council on the Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI), with their commitment to braille and their expertise in advocacy for and education of people who are blind, are critically important global partners for ICEB; and

Whereas English is widely used as a business language alongside indigenous languages and is increasingly taught and used in school,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:??

6. Tactile Graphics

Whereas the guidelines for tactile graphics produced in North America are now available for use; and

Whereas these guidelines were developed as a result of extensive research and evaluation,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:??

7. International Certification

Whereas UEB is being implemented in a majority of the ICEB member countries; and

Whereas the quality of braille can be maintained by common standards for training and certification; and

Whereas Australia and New Zealand have co-operated to create the Trans-Tasman Certificate of Proficiency in Unified English Braille as a model of co-operation between countries that has worked very well,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:

8. Educational Aids and Equipment for Braille Production in Developing Countries??

Whereas braille is the primary medium for literacy and education for blind persons; and

Whereas ICEB acknowledges the roles of international donors in the provision of equipment and educational aids for the teaching, learning and production of braille to agencies in developing countries; and

Whereas there is often a mismatch between what countries need and what donors are providing,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:

9. Refreshable Braille

Whereas refreshable braille is a vital reading and writing experience; and

Whereas current standards and technologies for these devices are still limited and inconsistently applied; and

Whereas existing refreshable braille display devices are costly; and

Whereas UEB has now been adopted by Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, and the United Kingdom,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:??

10. Labelling of Products in Braille

Whereas braille is the basic tool of literacy for blind people; and

Whereas many consumer products carry printed text or labels for identification and/or control,

This Fifth General Assembly of ICEB resolves to:??