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Tactile Graphics Project

Background on the Tactile Graphics Project

The Tactile Graphics Project was set up in 2000, in response to Resolution 14 of the 1999 General Assembly, which called for the establishment of a Tactile Graphics Project Committee to:

Tactile Graphic Committee List Server and Archives

The committee works through a list server that anyone may join as an observer. The list is named "icebtac". To join it, create a message with the word


in the subject and email the message to Please follow the instructions that you receive by e-mail thereafter. (Alternatively, you may visit to subscribe, unsubscribe, set vacation mode or other options through a Web form.)

Please see important general information on Interpretation of Working Committee Archives.

Archives for deliberations since August 12, 2002 are maintained in association with the list at

(Older archives for this list have not been established as yet.)

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