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UBC Samples

Access to the Samples Directly Online

If you simply wish to view the samples online, select a sample from the list below, and use your browser's "back" button to return to the list after viewing it.

Braille Display Access to the Braille: If you are using a screen reader with braille display device to view the braille pages, make sure that it is set for North American ASCII-Braille code.

Visual Access to the Braille: If you are sighted and have the "SimBraille" font installed, you should see the braille examples displayed in "simulated braille". If you see only ordinary ASCII letters &c., it is most likely because you do not have SimBraille installed; see the UBC Symbols List page for information on where to obtain it free. (Also, please note that the font size was set for convenient viewing with Internet Explorer 5.0, with "medium" text size setting. You may need to experiment with your browser's settings if the simulated braille appears too large or too small.)

Selecting "Print (Images)" will yield a display of the associated print as one or more images; typically such images can be accessed only visually. (Note also that some of these images may be of low visual quality, as they were scanned from faxes, not from originals.)

The Samples:

Access to the Samples as Downloaded Braille Files

If you have a braille embosser and wish to emboss the braille examples as regular tactile braille, you may download either of two standard ZIP archives as follows:

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