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IPA Braille is a braille code for the transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet (as revised to 2005). It is based upon the 1934 braille code for IPA devised by W. Percy Merrick and W. Pothoff, brought up to date primarily through the efforts of Robert Englebretson, Ph.D., under the auspices of the ICEB's Unified English Braille Linguistics Committee, chaired by Jean Obi. Dr. Englebretson is the editor of the defining documents, entitled "IPA Braille," listed below. Transcription to braille, and preparation of the tactile supplement and the various file formats, were carried out by CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind).

IPA Braille was launched as an ICEB recommended code at the 4th ICEB General Assembly in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in April 2008.

Although IPA Braille is not part of UEB and employs a different prefix-root symbol pattern, it can be used in conjunction with UEB and other codes, and the ICEB recommends its use generally for the transcription of IPA inclusions within non-IPA text.

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Braille Document with Tactile Supplement (Download)

The braille document is in two parts. Part 1 presents the complete IPA Braille as a braille document, transcribed in UEB. Part 2 presents the IPA print glyphs as tactile graphics, with a braille introduction. The braille files are available either in "BRF" format, which contains formatted braille pages (page sizes as listed below, encoded per North American "ASCII-Braille" conventions), or DXB (Duxbury Braille file) format. The tactile graphic portion of Part 2 is available either in CDR (Corel Draw) or PDF (Adobe) format, suitable for production on 8.5 by 11 inch swell-paper.

BRF format braille files

DXB format braille files

CDR format tactile file

PDF format tactile file

Braille Document with Tactile Supplement (Ordering Hard Copy)

To order a hard copy (embossed) braille edition, which includes the accompanying tactile glyphs, of either the braille text or tactile supplement, e-mail the Braille Institute of America:

(substituting the usual symbols for " at " and " dot "). The cost is $80.00 US for the tactile glyphs, $30.00 US for the braille text, and $110.00 US for the complete braille edition. Payment instructions will be provided along with notification of receipt of your order. If other than postfree mail is required, postage will be added to the purchase price.

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