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Email ueb@iceb.org.

For other information and general communications, email info@iceb.org to contact the UEB Code Maintenance Committee Chair for information about Unified English Braille (UEB). Note that UEB does not, in most cases, deal with format.

For other information and general communications, email info@iceb.org.

Social media

For news, events and updates regarding braille, UEB and ICEB, follow the International Council on English Braille on Twitter @ICEBbraille and on Facebook at facebook.com./ICEBbraille/.


ICEB maintains a number of listservs to conduct the business of its committees, with one representative per ICEB member country for each committee. Observers are also permitted, by request through your national Braille Authority and with approval of the Committee Chair.

ICEB-Exec: The main communication channel for the ICEB Executive Committee.

UEB-CMC: The UEB Codes Maintenance Committee deals with the rules and symbols of Unified English Braille.

UEB-Tech: The UEB Technical Codes list deals with the revision of the UEB Technical Guidelines.

ICEB-Promotion: The ICEB Public Relations Committee, tasked with sharing information about braille, UEB and ICEB.

ICEB-Research: The ICEB Research Committee, tasked with sharing braille-related research.

ICEB-Music: The ICEB Music Braille Committee.

ICEB-Refreshable: The ICEB Braille Technology Committee.

National Braille Authorities

Contact your local Braille Authority or visit their website for information regarding local resources, braille formatting, UEB certification, workshops and more.

Australian Braille Authority (ABA)
website: brailleaustralia.org
email: aba@printdisability.org
facebook: facebook.com/BrailleAustralia/
ozbrl listserv: send a blank email to ozbrl-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Braille Literacy Canada
website: brailleliteracycanada.ca
email: info@blc-lbc.ca
UEB discussion listserv: lists.blc-lbc.ca/mailman/listinfo/ueb_lists.blc-lbc.ca

Irish National Braille and Alternative Format Association (INBAF)
website: www.inbaf.ie
contact form: www.inbaf.ie/ContactUs.php

New Zealand
website: www.banzat.org.nz
email: secretary@banzat.org.nz
nzbrl listserv: send a blank message to nzbrl-subscribe@googlegroups.com

Braille Advancement Organisation of Nigeria (BRAON)
contact: jeaneobi@yahoo.com

South Africa
South African Braille Authority (SABA)
website: sabrailleauthority.org.za
email: secretary@sabrailleauthority.org.za
contact form: sabrailleauthority.org.za/contact-us/

United Kingdom
UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF)
website: www.ukaaf.org
contact form: www.ukaaf.org/contact-us/
UEB ed listserv: send a blank email with the subject "subscribe" to ueb-ed-request@freelists.org
twitter: @ukaaf

United States of America
Braille Authority of North America (BANA)
website: brailleauthority.org
email: chair@brailleauthority.org
UEB queries form: brailleauthority.org/contact/ueb/contact-ueb.html

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