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Braille Music Resources Updated to UEB


Braille Music-Australian Addendum
Compiled by The Australian Braille Authority Music Subcommittee
Available for free download in Word or braille format from the ABA Music page.

Read, sing and play [music (braille)]: a graded course in braille music by Ian Cooper
Fourth Edition published by Glenn Publications, Mitaggong, NSW, c1994
ISBN 0949390380 (braille ed); 0646193368 (print ed)
A printed teacher's handbook and braille edition, designed for music teachers with no knowledge of braille music who wish to help their blind students learn the braille music code.
Available from Vision Australia Library

A survivor's guide to braille music notation by Helen Merrin
Published by Vision Australia.
Student's guide and teacher's guide.

New Zealand

Focus on Braille Music by Lisette Wesseling
For Students/Teachers.

Training Manual - Drills and Manual
A booklet for students, compiled using extracts from "Introduction to Braille Music Transcription" by Mary Turner De Garmo, Second Edition.

United Kingdom

Braille Music For Beginners For The Piano by Joan Partridge
Available for order from RNIB.

First steps in music theory by Eric Taylor.
Published by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London 2004.
ISBN 1860960901
A step by step presentation of the basic facts of music theory. Numerous music examples support a grade-by-grade guide to the ABRSM theory of music syllabus grades 1-5.
For copies, please contact RNIB's Helpline at helpline@rnib.org.uk

Braille Music and Unified English Braille (B017)
Published by the UK Association for Accessible Formats(UKAAF)
This guidance summarises and clarifies the impact of the implementation of Unified English braille on music braille transcription.
Available for free download in PDF, Word file or embossable braille from the UKAAF Music page.


Music Braille Code 2015, developed under the sponsorship of the Braille Authority of North America
Published by The Braille Authority of North America.
ISBN: 978-0-9859473-6-1 (Print); 978-0-9859473-7-8 (Braille)
Available for purchase from the American Printing House for the Blind. Email info@aph.org and cite catalog number 7-09651-01.

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